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Nugent General Purpose Trailer


The Nugent General Purpose trailer is designed to withstand rigorous demands, therefore making it a popular choice for those who wish to combine manoeuvrability, strength and quality with good value for money.

Available in a range of sizes. Most noteworthy, the Nugent GP 8×4 single axle provides an easy handling option and a cost effective solution for those who do not use a trailer on a daily basis and is fitted with a strong, low maintenance rubber torsion suspension unit.

Furthermore the Nugent 8×4 and 10×5 twin axle trailers are tough and adaptable. Providing the perfect solution for all your contracting requirements due to the maximum gross weights up to 2,700kg.

Finally a reinforced ramp tail door provides strength and extra grip, whilst mesh sides can also be fitted, allowing users to transport loads safely and easily. They can also be fitted with a full ramp tail door, therefore creating a perfect trailer for transporting your ATV, lawnmower, small plant and equipment.