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Ultimate guide to buying a Massey Ferguson Tractor 2020

Ultimate guide to buying a Massey Ferguson Tractor 2020

Massey Ferguson (MF) is a global leading brand of agricultural machinery, iconic in design and dependable in diverse environments, offering exquisite performance, comfort and uncompromising quality.

The new MF range provides efficient, reliable engines using the latest technology work with sophisticated yet user-friendly transmissions to meet the farmer’s needs and get the most out of a wide range of implements, while keeping running costs to the minimum.

With such a diverse range offered by MF brings complexity and can lead to uncertainty, with the introduction of various transmissions, specifications and technologies. With that said, the following step-by-step guide will answer questions related to these topics, providing useful resources to help you make the right purchasing decision.

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Guide Content

1. Understanding your farming needs by identifying sector/size

2. Budget/pricing/warranty

3. Model research (Performance, Features, Specification)

4. Decision/conclusion (Our top recommendations)

 Understanding your farming needs

 1.1 Arable farmers (crops, wheat and barley, potatoes)


  • Requires a heavier weight tractor to handle large hydraulic implements such as ploughs, cultivators, sowing and fertilizing equipment.
  • High auxiliary oil flow to work with modern high tech implements. 
  • Tillage farmers also may require a head land management system
  • Headland management enables the manual functions required during a headland turn to be managed automatically boosting productivity, control, accuracy, minimizing waste and reducing driver fatigue.

 1.2 Livestock Farmers (dairy, sheep, poultry) 


  • General purpose tractor
  • Compact & manoeuvrable for ease of use in restricted areas. i.e. cattle sheds
  • High power to weight ratio 
  • Excellent Cab Visibility (Visio, slimline roof) i.e. front loader work
  • Low to mid HP tractor (100-130)

 1.3 Mixed Farms

  • Mid-High range tractor designed to perform a wide range of operations including loader, field and transport work E.g. 5700/6700 series 
  • Versatile mid power & weight tractors that can cope with more demanding jobs when required 
  • Good rear linkage capacity & front linkage/PTO may be considered

1.4 Contractors


  • Requires a heavier weight to handle large hydraulic implements such as ploughs, sowing, fertilizing equipment, large silage trailers and slurry tankers
  • High auxiliary oil flow to work modern high tech implements 
  • Headland management system increasing work output
  • Flexible to work in all types of environments
  • Three point linkage high lift capacity of 9600KG + 
  • Higher Horse Power 150+ 
  • Low running costs
  • Front axle & cab suspension for long hour work


2.1 Budget

Before discussing price, it is important to break down and analyse your farm budget, with particular focus on monthly costs. This will allow you vet financial viability.

2.2 Pricing

Most manufactures show retail prices on their websites. However, this in it itself can only be used a rough guide and does not accurately reflect the actual purchase price. 

Massey Ferguson have provided an app compatible with iPad allowing users to check rough estimated retail prices:

Alternatively you can contact your local Massey dealer to discuss your options and go over pricing. 

2.3 Finance

Having the correct Finance is an important element within any business and AGCO Finance offers attractive fixed rates together with cash flow matched repayment terms. 

There are other benefits to using finance as an alternative source of funding which are:

  • Keeping cash/ liquid funds within the business
  • Usually no requirement of additional security
  • Easier to budget knowing the payments are fixed
  • Purchase now before cash reserves have reached the required amount, subsequently experiencing the efficiencies your new piece of AGCO equipment will immediately deliver
  • All the Confidence of a signed contract

In simple terms all of the above makes the purchase more affordable.

 2.4 New Generation Farmers

Massey Ferguson are extending their support to the new generation of farmers with a special finance package to those agricultural businesses where a member of the young farmers’ clubs of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland play an integral role. Click to see your eligibility. 

2.5 Warranty 

Massey Ferguson offer a 1-year or 2000hr standard warranty. You may want to consider extended warranty options when making a purchase. Remember to factor this into the price. 

Warranty flexibility

  • Customised service plans available for both new and used machines up to 10,000 hours
  • Service plans with extended warranty available up to 5 years or 6,000 hours* 
  • 500/600hrs extended warranty or 3years (1500/2000hrs) available
  • Extended warranty available up to 12 months from registration
  • Experienced, Massey Ferguson trained technicians available for on-site servicing

3.1Model Research 

To make it easier for you, we have attached 3 PDF documents, providing a clear and simple guide to identifying the model models, answering queries on transmissions, specifications and technologies.  

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Massey Ferguson 7700 series

4.0 D&Ms Top Recommendations 

4.1 Livestock Farmers (dairy, sheep, poultry) 

The MF 5700 Series tractors known as the work horses of the world, refine the global series, modern, straightforward design, with the addition of the renowned dyna- 4 semi- power shift transmission, as well as the option of added cab suspension comfort. 

The 5700 S offers excellent manoeuvrability and versatility for work in the yard, in the field or on the road, a superb all-rounder! 

4.2 Mixed Farms

The 6700S series blends all the benefits of a 4- cylinder machine with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable six- cylinder tractor. Crowned the machine of the year 2020 (mid class tractor range) this award-winning range is a pure concentration of power. 

The MF 6718 S has a 2.67m wheelbase and a turning radius of just 4.75m which makes it the most manoeuvrable 200 horsepower tractor, according to Massey Ferguson.

4.3 Contractors

The MF 7700 S tractor series from Massey Ferguson has been specifically designed to meet to the needs of farming professionals, whatever your business environment and operations, from mixed farming to arable and contracting businesses.


Massey Ferguson are in the top 3 for market share within the UK & Ireland and its of no surprise with MF offering solutions for the everyday farmer. When making a purchasing decision, it is important to consider all the aspects discussed in the guide, giving you the required knowledge to make the right decisions.  

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